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Feng Shui

Glenn has been successful as a registered complementary healthcare practitioner and a natural healer for several years. His interest in the human energy field, the aura, the chakras and related bio-energy systems eventually brought him into contact with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the concept of qi, the five elements and how this relates to the physical body.

This in turn led to the study of many of the arts whose roots lie in ancient Chinese traditions, philosophy and the discovery that ‘qi’(pronounced chi) appears in various forms, it is the universal energy that is everywhere and in everything. Its flow is affected by many factors such as landform, time and direction. Along with the harmonious union of opposites known as yin and yang, these principles of Ancient Chinese wisdom are the basis of the I Ching, Chinese Astrology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and amongst other philosophical subjects, the ancient art of Feng Shui.
It is believed that success is derived from the cosmic trinity, this concept is a combination of three factors: Heaven luck (your destiny and astrological chart), Man luck (your own beliefs, actions and behaviour), and Earth luck (your feng shui).

Practised for thousands of years in the east, feng shui focuses on the powerful energy known as qi that continuously flows around us and can improve every aspect of your life; it is a subject of great complexity including elements of philosophy, existentialism and metaphysics.
It is only recently that people in the western world have turned to this ancient art to maintain good health and well being, to bring abundance to the home, happiness to relationships, and success to their careers.

The combination of ancient Chinese wisdom and practical common sense can bring all aspects of your life into balance and harmony.
Glenn has made an in depth study of the various styles of Feng Shui practised throughout the world, from the original classical flying stars, land form to the new age concept.
More people are turning to Feng Shui before choosing a new home or renovating or decorating their present one. The position of rooms the furnishings and the colours are all taken into account to maximise a positive flow of energy throughout the home.

Practising feng shui in the garden is equally important, qi flows from the surrounding landscape and feng shui ensures positive energy is directed towards the home and bad energy is deflected away.
Feng shui can help determine which careers you will excel in and which careers you may find difficult or incompatible.

Feng shui in the office or workplace can greatly enhance your career, even if you have no set place of work, awareness of your personal kua number and your most auspicious directions will be highly beneficial.
If you're looking to rediscover your enthusiasm for your job, improve your promotion prospects or just want to enjoy a better relationship with your colleague's feng shui can smooth the way to your ideal job.

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